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Grand Tour


Whenever I plan my holidays, I like to think about a destination in which i could fit into the foreigner culture. I love going up and down, discovering new places but specially meeting people through my camera. Actually, people in their natural surroundings give me je ne sais quoi ... And they offer me their best gift by letting me take a great deal of souvenirs in the shape of a pixel.

When I move far away from my natural habitat, I join in and try to become integrated while watching the behaviour of human beings. My objective is trying to enjoy new sceneries, but eventually I have seen that extras are not only necessary but also essential. They help me to tell stories about a place with just a “click” and they often make those places become magic.

The real essence of the pictures in this book lies in the variety and contrasts in the places i have been discovering. The contrasts of Iceland, the desert in Egypt, the landscapes of Ireland or the Grand Canyon… they are, all in all, breathtaking placeswe would like to visit in a more intimate and solitary way. I feel attracted by the idea of putting forward the confrontation we, as human beings have, between our personal experience and the fact that some of these places have become tourist attractions…

We often find ourselves in the same place with different people, they are big and small main characters in extraordinary frames, many times they are the same frames but ,thanks to those characters, the photographs always tell us different stories. The purpose of the book is to be able to share with you these little stories I have been finding all over the world.



Francesc Fàbregas

Factoria fàbregas


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